Friday, November 9, 2012

Blog Chapter 6

Personal Journal 6.2

Impulse:  Yelling when I am angry.

I suppose that the satisfying short-term consequences of giving in to this impulse are that I feel like I am being heard, and it almost feels that a weight is being lifted off of me on the inside because my anger is almost like a weight that puts pressure on me.

Negative long-term consequences due to the above impulse is that a lot of my family members to not respect me for it. Also, it makes them fearful to come and communicate with me. That person is not the person I want to be, and that inability to control anger can only lead me down a pathway to someone who will not be as accepting of it.

I do not believe that the short-term consequences outweigh the long-term consequences. Shouting at people just because I do not cope with anger very well is not acceptable.

I can remove myself from the situation until I calm down, and then talk it over when I am calmer. This is what I have been doing and I am definitely doing better!

Personal Journal 6.4

Option 1: Where to go to Grad School          

 Goals it would support: Getting a doctorate degree                          
Values it would support: Hard work, perseverance, Accomplishment, advancement, ambition, success.
Goals it would contradict: Getting out of Tennessee since I cannot afford to go to school out of state.
Values it would contradict: Adventure, liberation, fun, growth, exploration

Option 2:  Not going to Grad School

Goals it would support: Being on my own, but there are really no goals. I have to go to Grad School.
Values it would support: None that I am interested in.
Goals it would contradict: Obtaining a higher degree in education.
Values it would contradict: All of the values listed as supporting values in option 1.

I would choose to go to Grad School, or course.


  1. Gosh I can relate to the yelling! I hate being that way, but sometimes, especially after holding smething in for too long, I just explode!
    If I let my feelings out right away I find I do better in preventing this, because I seriously think my holding it in creates a horrible volcano of madness, lol. Doesn't sound very nice I'm sure and it doesn't happen often, but when it does, I am definitly not proud of myself.

  2. I am so terrible at the yelling part. Not only that, I say the most terrible things. I think the key is to step away from the anger, decide on what exactly has caused it, talk to someone you trust, and then let it go. Being angry is really hard on the self, and I know that but gosh I struggle with the same thing. It is definitely not a walk in the part at all whatsoever.