Thursday, November 15, 2012

Term Paper Blog 3

This blog is to report any progress on lessons learned from the book previously mentioned in Term Paper Blog 2.

So far, I have not had any real confrontations with people. So it is difficult to say whether I have progress in those areas. I have noticed a change when I am in the car. I have terrible road rage, and most of the anger experienced is not anger that is justifiable (according to this book). So I follow the steps outlined in the book such as admitting that you are angry, deciding what type of anger it is, taking a deep breath, and instantly I calm down. Now these are not the direct steps listed in the book because those are intended in face to face confrontation. Like I said above, I have not experienced a confrontation that would require me to use these new skills so I have kind of been molding them a bit and trying to apply them to times when I am angry or irritated.

This is not something that can change over night. I still have problems with anger, and there are still times when I am so angry that I have a hard time picking through that anger, but I think these steps are going to help me in the future.

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