Thursday, November 15, 2012

Blog Chapter 8

Personal Journal 8.1

Urgent and important tasks to complete this week:
Updating senior thesis

Urgent but not important
Fixing the whole in the wall (it will happen soon enough!)

Not urgent but important
Going to my brother's game on Saturday

Not urgent and not important
Cleaning up my room (it is not that messy yet..)

To me, money is important for survival but also a tool to help others and acquire needs.

My financial goals are to make as much money as possible, or at least enough that I am able to survive on and still be able to donate to others who need it more.

If I had a $100 dollar bill in my wallet, I would put it in the bank.

When I think about paying bills, I feel stressed but understand that this is considered a necessity. It has to be paid.

To me, planning for retirement is important but right now out of my reach.

I worry about having enough money for graduate school.

Money helps me enjoy hobbies.

I don't need money to enjoy reading, I will just go to the library.

A shirt
I liked the shirt
I don't really ever wear it.

An expensive flash drive
I need one
It broke

A video game
I wanted it... bad
An updated version came out right after I bought it.

A calculator
I needed one
I found out I had one on my phone.

I suppose I would just wait a while until I was for sure that I wanted it or needed it.

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