Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Blog Chapter 9

Personal Journal 9.1

I feel that I can never make my point accurately because you interrupt me before I can express myself. 

I  feel like you can never say anything but a critique, it would be nice to hear something kinder every now and then. 

I have noticed  that you are late more than on time. 

 I feel like you never help me around the house. 

I feel that your behavior is oftentimes childish. 

I think that using "I" at the beginning takes out the iffy part of the statement. Most people don't like to begin the sentence with I because it is more of a declaration. Most times people do not like to declare how they feel, they would rather give subtle hints or go to the other extreme completely which is to be angry. 

I am a nerd/geek, but I am not a mathematician. 
I am extremely funny, but I am not insincere. 
I am a hard worker, but I am not a genius. 
I am compassionate, but I am not weak. 

A patient was extremely upset that I could not fit them onto the schedule on one particular night. 
I handled it by telling the patient that we were full, I offered to make them the next available appointment and also gave them the complaint line. 

While working on thesis, my topic was not initially approved. Needless to say I panicked because I did not make the deadline. 
I moved forward with my introduction. I worked hard for days, and came to school with a first draft that was acceptable. 

The ceiling fell out again because of leaking pipes.
We called the plumbers again, and scolded them for not doing a proper job the first TWO times. They will fix it again at a discount. 

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