Friday, November 9, 2012

Blog Chapter 7

Personal Journal 7.1

Transform each negative statement into a positive.

I have to work hard on my resume, or else I won't get any interviews.
- Perfecting my resume will show potential bosses that I deserve and will do well at their work places.

I'm gathering references because no one will hire me without them.
-Providing references will give future bosses a tool in discovering how hard a worker I am.

I'm applying for lots of jobs because I don't want to feel like I missed an opportunity.
-The more jobs I apply to, the more my name is out there.

I need to practice interview techniques to I don't bungle it on the big day.
- I should prepare before my interview to make sure I show others how interested I am in the job.

I have to follow up on the interview, or else they'll think I don't want the job.
-Following up on the interview will display my enthusiasm about working with them.

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