Thursday, November 15, 2012

Term Paper Blog 4

This change is an ongoing process. Anger will always be something that I battle with. Changing a mental process, and the way that someone reacts to a situation is not an overnight thing. It is not something that happens in a year or two years. This will be an issue I deal with for the rest of my life. As long as I have the tools to deal with it, I should be fine. I have some good tips, and some decent methods that will help me in sorting out the anger and dealing with it properly. These are tips that I will still practice even after this course.

As far as recommending this book, I don't think I would necessarily. Although it was helpful, most of it did not actually talk about how a person should deal with anger and then let it go. Most of the book centered on helping Christians, which is great and all but even people of other religions have anger issues. This book would not really help these people. I think he has many great points that involve a higher being, but I think I was expecting more along the lines of tools that I could do myself that would help me in releasing anger and resentment.

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